Welcome to Pattaya, named after the strong winds which come from the South West at the beginning of every rainy season. Pattaya, up until 40 years ago was just a sleepy fishing village, the Vietnam war changed this. America sent soldiers to build the air base at U Tapao (40km sout of Pattaya) and many of these took to spending their leisure time and money in Pattaya. Today Pattaya is Thailand's premier beach resort and attracts annually more than a million tourists from all over the world. Pattaya provides high standard hotels, restaurants, sports, entertainment and shopping facilities. The resort is Thailand's most important diving center and the east coast is also a paradise for golfers and an ideal place to learn kiteboarding.
The spot: Our center is situated at the Jomtien Beach at the Blue Lagoon Sports Club about 10km south of pattaya. see location for directions. we are:
10 mins from pattaya town
30 mins from pattaya airport
1 hr from bangkok airport
1.5 hrs from bangkok city
link to wind http://www.windguru.com/int/index.php?sc=1587

Information on the climate

The Wind: From september till March we receive north westerly wind, ranging from 8 to 20 knots, perfect for the beginner and intermediate. Low season April through August winds are less constant and lighter but still suitable for lessons most days.

The Sea: Water temperatures: range from 26-28 Celsius throughout the year.

No wind days: If you get bored with chilling out the beach, or all that warm tropical water, there are go-karts to race, elephants to ride and guns to shoot! Paragliding, first class diving, Go-Kart, Ultralight flights, Paintball, Golf, Muy Thai boxing, Bowling, Snooker is also on the list of things for days without wind.